Charleston Angel Partners Invests in SquareStack

“Charleston Angel Partners (CAP) is excited to be investing in and partnering with SquareStack to help their SMB-focused SaaS software platform continue to grow and help small businesses in the US manage their tech usage and spending. As we all know, SMBs represent the largest segment of new businesses and the growing use of myriad software systems for these companies can get overwhelming. SquareStack will help these companies manage those decisions and costs and allow them to focus on what they do best -- run a thriving business. The entire due diligence team at CAP has been very impressed with both the SquareStack team's level of experience and skill sets in this market, as well as with their go-to-market strategy of partnering with the Associations that aggregate these thousands of SMB customers. We look forward to helping the team grow and prosper as they ramp up these efforts," said Whit Johnson - CAPs Due Diligence team lead. 

The SMB is now relying critically on its tech stack, especially coming out of the Covid era. It is ubiquitous and a requirement for any business of any size. The SMB also needs more feedback than ever to make smart decisions on changing out or adding new software to its stack. 

SquareStack's Business Apps Command Center combines single sign-on, real-time data analytics, business app reviews, and App$Tracker – to track monthly biz app subscriptions, into a single dashboard allowing for improved decision-making and business insight to help them become more effective.

Will Cruz, Executive Director, has great things to say about SquareStack, "CAP looks for founders and teams with deep domain experience who can demonstrate market product fit with an emphasis on environmental and social impact alongside a financial return." 

Furlong said, "We are very excited to be partnering with CAP. Not only has their investment validated our business model and progress to date but their specific expertise in working with B2B SaaS companies is a big upside for our business going forward. The combination of their investment along with their technical expertise will accelerate SquareStack's growth plan. CAP is the right partner for this next step in our journey." 

"We continue to attract new investors in our current raise and with CAP on the team, we certainly are generating a lot of additional interest. We are now able to scale our team, invest in our platform and engage many more associations, publishers, and tech vendor partners who serve small business communities. It’s an exciting time for our team and partners; back to work!” said Furlong.