Get started your journey as a Founder

We want to see you succeed and are here for you through the full process.

Information we need from you before we invest.

Charleston Angel Partners follows guidelines in investing, without this information, we can’t make an informed enough decision to choose your company to invest in.

Management Team

We want to know who’s in your team and their past experiences giving them the knowledge to push into your market.

Target Customer

Who is your target and what problem does your product solve in their lives?

Market Size

How big is your product category and how much of that category can you scale into?


Your potential competitors are identified and you understand how you differentiate from them as a competitive advantage.


Your technology is proven through data and has the ability to scale into commercialization.

Protected IP

Your intellectual property is protected and your great idea is yours and only yours.

Sales Strategy

You have a go to market strategy to establish your company within your product category.

Profit Potential

You can show the gross margins and consistent cash-flow required for scalability within your industry.

Capital Needs

What are you going to use your raised funds for and how will it impact your businesses’ earning potential?


Include income statements, cash flow, and balance sheets to support realistic and logical assumptions about your business.

Exit Strategy

You have a plan on exiting generating a return on investment for angel investors.

Business Plan

A comprehensive business plan articulating assumptions and strategies for long-term scalability and growth.

Get Funded

Apply for funding

Step 1

Funding Application Portal

Register through Dealum Deal Flow Management Platform. Simple stress-free questions to build a profile out.

Step 2

Answer questions as detailed as possible

Application questions are seen at each step in investing, and is how we choose who we work with.

Step 3

Upload and Submit

Upload key documents such as Executive Summary, Balance Sheet, and additional information and submit.

Get Funded

Still uncertain how to get funded?

We’ve put together some resources based on things we’ve learned founders struggle with. Don’t worry, we’re here for you.

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