Early Stage Equity Investment Group

From Idea to Impact

Founded in 2004, Charleston Angel Partners is the area’s longest-tenured, most established angel investment group.  The top priority of Charleston Angel Partners is to make investing simple and profitable, both for investors and for entrepreneurs.  We believe a transparent investment process for both our investors and our entrepreneurs is an important part of our organization.  Charleston Angel Partners believes that meaningful economic impact happens when great people support great ideas.  Investing in innovation will accelerate Charleston and the Southeast into the future, creating an environment of aspiration and excitement.


Interested in Investing?

  • Diversify investment portfolio with high risk and high reward investments
  • Take advantage of the lessons learned from 13 years of experience and over $8,000,000 worth of angel investment deals
  • Leverage the diverse backgrounds and skill sets of peer members when performing due diligence on investment opportunities
  • Exposure to deal flow from all over the Southeast, not exclusively Charleston-based companies

Our Investment Process

  • After a prospect applies to present to Charleston Angel Partners, we conduct an initial screening and analysis

  • If invited to present, the prospect delivers a 15-minute presentation followed by a 15 minute question and answer session

  • If membership decides to move forward, a team is assigned and the company is subjected to due diligence

  • Once diligence is brought to a close, the diligence team will present a final report to the group membership

  • Companies may be asked to return for a final question and answer session

  • Charleston Angel Partners members typically have one week to commit to the amount that they are interested in investing

  • The aggregated investment is then wired from Charleston Angel Partners to the company


Interested in Pitching?

  • Exposure to the largest angel group in Charleston and the significant business experience held in the group

  • Clear communication and information sharing through a transparent process

  • Exposure to investors who may have substantial expertise in your industry

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