From Idea to Impact

Founded in 2004, Charleston Angel Partners is the area’s longest-tenured and most established angel investment group.  The top priority of Charleston Angel Partners is to make investing simple and profitable for both our member investors and for our entrepreneurs.  We believe a transparent investment process for all parties is an important part of our organization.  We believe that meaningful economic impact happens when great people support great ideas.  Investing in innovation will accelerate Charleston, and the Southeast, into the future, creating an environment of aspiration, excitement, and prosperity.


Interested in Investing?

  • Diversify your investment portfolio with high risk / high reward investments tempered by experienced group leadership and a thorough due diligence process
  • Take advantage of the lessons learned from 14 years of experience and over $9,000,000 worth of angel investments to date
  • Leverage the diverse backgrounds and skill sets of peer members when assisting with due diligence on investment opportunities
  • Exposure to investment opportunities from all over the Southeast, not exclusively Charleston-based companies, occasionally we may reach beyond the Southeast to more established areas if the right opportunity presents itself
  • Take advantage of our private online member portal, this 'members only' benefit affords you in-depth access to our database where you may review our dealflow, pipeline, due diligence document banks, and current pitch applicants so you may stay up to date on our vetting process


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Our Investment Process

  • After a prospective company applies to pitch before Charleston Angel Partners, we conduct an initial screening and analysis of their initial submitted documentation

  • If a company meets our internal criteria they are invited to participate in either a meeting or conference call with one or more of our team members

  • Following this initial meeting or call the company may be invited to pitch before the group

    • Companies may be asked to allow us to track them for several months prior to a pitch

  • Following a 15 minute presentation before the membership the presenter will be asked to step out of the room while the membership decides whether to have the company proceed to due diligence

    • Companies at this point may be asked to meet certain milestones before proceeding to due diligence

  • The Charleston Angel Partners team and a select members with relevant skillsets will form a due diligence team and review the company's submitted due diligence documentation

    • During this process, founders and/or managers will be asked to engage in one or more calls and/or meetings to review the due diligence team's findings

  • Once due diligence comes to a close, the company is asked to return for a final question and answer session with the group

  • When a final decision is rendered, members typically have one week to commit to the amount that they are interested in investing

  • The aggregated investment is wired from Charleston Angel Partners to the new portfolio company


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Perks & Benefits

  • Exposure to the largest angel group in Charleston and the significant business experience held by the group

  • Clear communication and information sharing through a transparent process

  • Proven ability to raise substantial capital for appropriate investments

  • Professional and cordial team members who will work with you through every step of our investment process

  • Apply to pitch with us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible


Interested in Pitching?

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