Angel Capital Association

CHAPS is a member of the Angel Capital Association. The Angel Capital Association is the trade association of angel investment groups in North America. Founded by angel investment groups in the United States and Canada to help maximize the success of group-based angel investors, ACA accomplishes its mission by providing professional development, best practices, networking, and collaboration opportunities for angel investors who belong to member angel groups. More than 220 angel groups are members of ACA, and those groups represent about 12,000 accredited angel investors. To learn more about the ACA further information is available at In addition, CHAPS is a member of the Angel Syndication Network (ASN) which is composed of prominent angel group leaders who actively engage in collaborating for deal syndication. The angel group leaders are presidents or syndication chairs. The ultimate strategy is to request each angel group to nominate their best deals to share with other angel groups for syndication. The purpose would be to fill a round, expedite a closing, and save the CEO from extended road shows. The screening sessions are open and viewed by accredited investors from these respective groups. Currently, over 50 groups from across the country comprise the ASN.