Our Investment Process

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    After a prospective company applies to pitch before Charleston Angel Partners, we conduct an initial screening and analysis of their submitted documentation.

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    If a company meets our internal criteria they are invited to participate in either a meeting or conference call with one or more of our team members.

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    Following this initial meeting or call the company may be invited to pitch before the group at one of our monthly meetings.

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    Following a 15 minute presentation before the membership the presenter will be asked to step out of the room while the membership decides whether to have the company proceed to due diligence.

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    The Charleston Angel Partners team and a selection of members with relevant skillsets will form a due diligence team and review the company's submitted due diligence package, this period typically takes about two months.

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    Once due diligence comes to a close, the company is asked to return for a final Q&A session with the group.

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    When a final decision is reached, members typically have three weeks to commit to the amount they are interested in investing.

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    The aggregated investment is wired from Charleston Angel Partners to the new portfolio company.