Early Stage Equity Investment Group

Upcoming Events


Member Meetings

Charleston Angel Partners holds monthly meetings where our members gather to hear pitches from prospective investments, receive due diligence updates for investment candidates, receive updates from portfolio companies, and engage in question and answer sessions with company founders and executives.  Additionally, members enjoy amenities such as wine, cheese and charcuterie plates, an ever changing beer selection, and a variety of finger foods and snacks.

As a new benefit of membership, we now are featuring the ability to stream these meetings live online for members that are traveling or do not live immediately in the Charleston area.  Further, we provide a chatroom for our remote viewing members to ask questions to the presenting company representative so that they may hear answers to these questions quickly and without having to relay them by phone or email during the diligence process.


Quarterly Investor Engagements

Designed to be a casual opportunity for existing members to share and engage with those interested in joining Charleston Angel Partners.  If you are interested to learn how the group works, get an idea of the kinds of companies we invest in, and connect with some of the existing investors, please register and attend.  

Next Event: Tuesday December 12, 2017 from 5:30PM


The Charleston Angel Conference is designed for investors looking to gather more knowledge and experience in the angel investing process, and for companies seeking angel investments and exposure to come together for a mutually beneficial experience.


Who Should Attend?

Investors looking to learn more about the process of angel investing through a conference that is educational and fun.

Companies looking to gain more experience in presenting to investors and interested in earning a $100,000 investment.

Selection Day is open to the public for those interested in meeting the Angel community of investors and learning about some of the most innovative companies in the Southeast.



1. Accredited investors form an entity to jointly engage in the evaluation and diligence of the presenting companies

2. On Screening Day, 15 Companies present for the chance of becoming a finalist

3. On Selection Day, finalists present for the chance to win a 100K investment

Please see our agenda for more information.