Recommended Diligence Documentation



  • Executive Summary of Company (1 page only)

  • Business plan, including sales plan, marketing plan and product development plan

  • Year-to-date and Historic Financials (if available)

  • Profit/Loss and Balance Sheet

  • 3 year pro forma financials (first year by month, yrs 2-3 quarterly)

  • Investor Pitch Deck (PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF)

  • 6, 12, and 18 month corporate milestones

  • Current operation monthly cash spend and current cash on hand

  • Capital Budget (detailed use of investment funds)

  • Financing needs / investor strategy

  • Leasing agreements

  • Loan agreements

  • Outstanding tax liabilities

  • Press releases / articles

  • Competitive business review (competitive landscape)

  • Key contracts and partnership agreements

  • Grant status: SBIRs, STTRs, etc.

  • Exit strategy thoughts


  • LLC Operating Agreement or Certificate or Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

  • Shareholder Agreement(s)

  • SEC Form D stock issuance filings

  • Capitalization table (breakout of ownership interests)

  • Licensing agreements (if applicable)

  • Patent filings (provisional, utility, design, plant, PCT, etc.)

  • Contact info for patent and corporate attorneys


  • Resumes and/or bios of startup/management team

  • Bios of advisory board members and board of directors

  • Organizational chart

  • Hiring plan

  • Employment Agreements (non-competes, confidentiality, assignment of inventions, severance, etc.)

  • Reference lists for startup/management team (some many be duplicated as requested below)

  • Reference list for the Company (customers, strategic partners, industry veterans, advisors, etc.)