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Charleston Angel Partners likes to invest in companies that have raised capital from a previous round(s) of funding and are currently seeking an investment of $100k to $2mm in a seed, angel, or series A round.


We prefer to invest in businesses that have been operating for at least several months and have achieved some measure of success at penetrating their target market(s).



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We will only consider businesses that have the potential to scale rapidly over a 3-5 year period.  We do not fund small businesses seeking loans or looking to open a single new location.


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Charleston Angel Partners prefers to invest in local and regional companies.  We are open to considering companies outside of our immediate geographic area though.  We do not invest in companies located outside of the United States.



Companies that maintain an independent board of advisors with industry-specific expertise as well as a management team with relevant knowledge and experience are preferred.


We will only entertain reasonable valuations.  Please do not pitch us your $500mm pre-revenue startup.  We generally invest in companies valued in the $500k to $5mm range.



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We frequently invest in medical device startups.  We encourage all small businesses in this industry to submit an application.


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Tech startups are a favored investment area for Charleston Angel Partners.  If you're a local tech company looking to fill a round, fill out an application!


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