Funding The Future

Charleston Angel Partners is dedicated to developing and sustaining a community of energetic leaders who invest in early stage companies with high growth potential.  

With a current membership base that includes manufacturing, software engineering, pharmaceuticals and bioscience, Charleston Angel Partners desires to diversify even further. As diversity increases, so too will the value of Charleston Angel Partners to all members, perpetuating an exponential return on intellectual capital and investments.

Charleston Angel Partners members enjoy a curated “deal flow” of early stage, high growth companies. These capable entrepreneurs are likely past the bootstrap period, and have already received seed money through previous round(s) of fundraising.

Charleston Angel Partners Members Are

  • Accredited investors as defined by the SEC.  At least $1M net worth excluding primary residence, OR annual income > $200,000 in 2 of the last 3 years, OR income > $300,000 with spouse and prospects for the same this year.
  • Interested in early stage private equity investments
  • Willing to assist, when appropriate, with due diligence efforts
  • Dedicated to contributing to the group with industry expertise
  • An encouragement to the companies they invest in, beyond just financial interest

With an annual fee of  $1,500 and no minimum requirement to invest, Charleston Angel Partners puts our members in the best position to get the highest returns possible. As Charleston’s longest-tenured angel network, our members have time-tested knowledge of how to invest wisely, with confidence, in a wide breadth of industries. Charleston Angel Partners allows investors to remain anonymous if they so choose, while the investments themselves are always kept anonymous through the entity of Charleston Angel Partners. The decision to invest always remains in the power of the individual. Charleston Angel Partners members only align themselves with the investment opportunities that they believe in, and to the degree with which they are comfortable.  

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